After moving to Austin in 1993 and graduating from Texas A&M University and receiving her degree in Environmental Design Angie was looking to work for a local architect. She had the pleasure of  meeting and working for a local architect & builder Hugo Pereyra of Sierra Custom Homes, LLC who was building custom homes in the Lake Travis area. She loved working at Sierra and had a lot of fun meeting with clients and working side-by-side with the builder in designing homes from sketch through the final construction phase. Angie brings unique and valuable experiences into her real estate career. After working with custom clients she mastered the art of listening and really hearing what her clients were saying so that their ideas could be built. Angie is proud of the extra service that she can provide her clients that are looking for in a Realtor experienced in finding a perfect fit between clients and their dreams. "As a Realtor you have to put your clients personal tastes above your own and realize that this is their home, not yours. I also want my clients to be happy with the decisions that they make and not wish in 6 months that they had a diffent home. This is the largest purchase that most people will make in their life, so choose your team well and make sure you are their first priority!  Trust your gut reaction to a neighborhood, property & home.  If it does not feel like home, than your are not going to be personally invested in that home.  I have found that most people are looking for a little bit of luxury in their lives & an escape from a crazy work environment is what many people want & need."